I am pleased to inform about the publication of the volume The Collectio Avellana and Its Revivals (Cambridge Scholars 2019). The volume has been edited by the superladies Rita Lizzi and Giulia Marconi. The articles analyse the mysterious collection of late antique documents, Collectio Avellana, from many different viewpoints. Among the contributions, there is also my article ”Multiplex perniciosa perversitas (Coll. Avell. Ep. 97): The Image of Pelagianism in Gelasius’ Letters in the Collectio Avellana”.
Here is the description of the volume:
The Collectio Avellana (CA) has an extraordinary richness and variety of content. Imperial rescripts, reports of urban prefects, letters of bishops, and exchanges of letters between popes and emperors, some of which only this compilation preserves, constitute an exceptional documentary collection for researchers of various sectors of antiquity. This volume is the first publication to reconstruct the history of this compilation through the fascinating questions that it poses to the scholar. There are essays on its general structure, and on some of the most singular texts preserved therein. Other papers offer a comparison between this compilation and the other canonical collections compiled in Italy between the fourth and sixth centuries, as well as between the CA and other contemporary literary products. Adopting a new approach, some contributions also ascertain who could physically have access to the materials that were collected in the CA, and where the compiler could find them. All these fresh studies have led to new hypotheses regarding the period in which the collection, or at least some of its parts, took shape and the personality of its author.
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