I am happy to announce that some years’ work has come out. Our volume of articles Recognition and Religion: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives has been published by Routledge. Many thanks to the contributors and to the splendid co-editors Heikki J. Koskinen and Ritva Palmén!
Table of contents:
Maijastina Kahlos, Heikki J. Koskinen and Ritva Palmén
Section I: Recognition: Novel Articulations
1 The Recognition of Religion in Public Spaces
Simon Thompson
2 Mediated Recognition: Suggestions towards an Articulation
Heikki J. Koskinen
3 Causes for Lack of Recognition: From the Secular to the Non-Secular
Heikki Ikäheimo
Section II: Historical Struggles for Recognition
4 Early Christians and the Transformation of Recognition
Hartmut Leppin
5 Early Christians on Philosophy: A Religion Seeking Recognition in Greco-Roman Culture
Niko Huttunen
6 Recognition through Persuasion: An Aspect of Late Antique Religious Controversy
Mar Marcos
7 Recognizing the Road: Graeco-Roman Appeals for Religious Diversity in the Late Roman Empire
Maijastina Kahlos
Section III: Medieval and Early Modern Intersections
8 Shame, Self-Evaluation and Recognition in the Middle Ages
Ritva Palmén
9 Aquinas on Recognition
Andrea Aldo Robiglio
10 Theological and Legal Arguments for the Non-Recognition and Recognition of the Rights of Infidels in Medieval Sources
Virpi Mäkinen
11 Recognition and Masculinity: Luther onthe Song of Songs
Risto Saarinen
Section IV: Roots of Recognition Theory
12 Spinoza, Religion and Recognition
Ericka Tucker
13 Hegel’s Actualist Metaphysics as a Framework for Understanding His Recognition-Theoretic Account of Christianity
Paul Redding
Section V: Limits of Recognition
14 On the Natural Basis and Ecological Limits of Recognition
Arto Laitinen and Teea Kortetmäki
15 Justice, Friendship and Recognition: Reflections on Ancient and Late Ancient Debates
Miira Tuominen

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