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Suomeksi // Yleistajuisia kirjoja antiikin historiasta ja kulttuurista.

In English // Scientific research on antiquity

// Suomeksi

Roomalaiset ja barbaarit (2020)

Rooman viimeiset päivät (2016)

Uskonnot antiikin roomassa (2012)

Roomalaista arkea ja juhlaa (2004)

// In English

Slavery In the Late Antique World, 150-700 CE (2022)

Religious Dissent in the late Roman Empire in 370–450: Alienation, Accommodation, and Adaptation (2020)

Recognition and Religion. Contemporary and Historical Perspectives (2019)

Emperors and the Divine – Rome and its Influence (2016)

Spaces in Late Antiquity – Cultural, Theological and Archaeological Perspectives (2016)

The Faces of the other. Religious Rivalry and Ethnic Encounters in the later Roman world (2012)

Forbearance and Compulsion: Rhetoric of Tolerance and Intolerance in Late Antiquity (2009)

Debate and Dialogue: Christian and Pagan Cultures (2007)

Vettius Agorius Praetextatus: Senatorial Life in Between (2002)