I am happy to announce that this volume I have been coediting has just been published: Spaces in Late Antiquity – Cultural, Theological and Archaeological Perspectives, eds. Juliette Day, Raimo Hakola, Maijastina Kahlos & Ulla Tervahauta, Routledge: London, 2016.
Most of the articles are based on papers that were given in the Finnish symposium on Late Antiquity in 2013 (”Spaces Past and Present) and in 2012.
Day, Hakola, Kahlos, Tervahauta, ”Introduction: Spaces in Late Antiquity – Cultural, Theological and Archaeological Perspectives”
I Cultural perspectives
Maijastina Kahlos, ”Meddling in the Middle? Urban Celebrations, Ecclesiastical Leaders and the Roman Emperor”
Steven D. Smith, ”Classical Culture, Domestic Space and Imperial Vision in the Cycle of Agathias”
Andreas Westergren, ”Monastic Space: The Ascetic Between Sacred and Civil Spheres in Theodoret of Cyrrhus”
II Theological perspectives
Juliette Day, ”Seeing Christ at the Holy Places”
David Hunter, ”Sacred Space, Virginal Consecration and Symbolic Power: A Liturgical Innovation and its Implications in Late Ancient Christianity”
Joona Salminen, ”City of God and the Place of Demons: City Life and Demonology in early Christianity”
Anna-Liisa Tolonen, ”Preaching, Feasting and Making Space for a Meaning”
III Archaeological perspectives
Raimo Hakola, ”Galilean Jews and Christians in Context: Spaces Shared and Contested in the Eastern Galilee in Late Antiquity”
Jürgen Zangenberg, ”Performing the Sacred in a Community Building: Observations from the 2010-2015 Kinneret Regional Project Excavations in the Byzantine Synagogue of Horvat Kur (Galilee)”
Rick Bonnie, ”Thrown into Limekilns: The Reuse of Statuary and Architecture in Galilee from Late Antiquity Onwards”

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