The Cambridge History of Magic and Witchcraft in the West From Antiquity to the Present (ed. David J. Collins) already came out quite many weeks ago. However, my author’s copy that had been duly sent by the publisher weeks ago mysteriously Disapparated. Now, luckily, after some detours, it has Apparated to my office!
It looks fine indeed! Fascinating articles, for example, by Kimberly B. Stratton (”Early Greco-Roman Antiquity”), Kyle A Fraser (”Roman Antiquity: The Imperial Period”) and Yitzhak Hen (”The Early Medieval West”).
My own contribution is on the Early Church. It led me to some sideways in the research of Late Antiquity but it has turned out very useful because it led me to think more thoroughly about the variety of late antique and early medieval religious life. Sideways may sometimes be more beneficial than the direct highways.

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