XXI Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity
in Tvärminne, 12-13 October, 2012
’Popular & Elite: Religious Practices in Late Antiquity’
Friday  12 October
12.45 Opening of the Symposium
13.00 Friday session I (Reading the Word, Reading the Picture)
– Guy Stroumsa: Reading practices in early Christianity and the individualization process
– Roald Dijkstra: Paulinus of Nola: Intermediary between the Elite and the Common Man
– Cillian O’Hogan: Elite perspectives on popular religious practices in fourth- and fifth-century Latin poetry
15.15 Friday session II: (Religious Practices: Magic, Touch, Purification, Dreams)
– Iain Gardner and Jay Johnston:  Prolegomena to considering the function of images in magical papyri and artefacts of ritual power from Late Antiquity
– Béatrice Caseau: Touching the Sacred: the privileges of the elite?
– Jesse Keskiaho: Prognostication from dreams from Late Antiquity to the early Middle Ages
Saturday 13 October
09.15 Saturday session I: (Reinterpretations: Instruction and Cult)
– Reidar Aasgaard: “Childhoods A.D. 400: Three saints on Christian upbringing”
– Fiona Kao: ”For one must in dealing with insensate folk be as audacious as a hawk”: Wealth and lineage in Late Antique female hagiography
– Rick Bonnie: Recycling of sculptural imagery in Late Antique Galilee. An archaeological reflection on their contemporary message and original meaning.
– Raimo Hakola: Kinneret Regional Project Excavations at Horvat Kur, Galilee, season 2012
13.00 Saturday session II: (Late Late Antiquity and the Rise of Islam)
– Sarah Stroumsa: Mass education and elite formation: the Almohad version
– Anthony Lappin: The Martyrs of Córdoba: popular and elite religion in a multi-faith environment
– Anna-Liisa Tolonen: Feasting at the Monastery of Ashmuni – Popular approaches to the Christian cult

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