Call for papers for the panel “Citizens and Aliens in Greco-Roman Antiquity” to be organised at the international conference of Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and European Association of Biblical Literature (EABS) in Helsinki, July 30 – August 3, 2018.
Citizenship is one of the most debated issues in the present-day Europe, and therefore we wish to open up a contextualized discussions on its roots in the Greco-Roman Antiquity. Citizenship and its criteria were redefined many times during the Roman rule in the Mediterranean area. In the conquests and crises, new ideas of defining the good members of Roman society emerged. The Constitutio Antoniniana by Emperor Caracalla in 212 granted citizenship to all free provincials. Philosophers and orators cherished the idea of cosmopolitan citizenship. Recognition of loyal Roman citizens/subjects in terms of religion became more emphatic from the early 3rd century CE onwards and this continued in the course of the Christianization of the Empire.
We welcome papers on the theme “Citizens and Aliens in the Roman Empire”. The theme is widely understood with topics ranging from the Roman citizenship, the intertwining of ‘political’ and ‘religious’ spheres, and the markers of loyalty to early Christian and Jewish discourses of citizenship, also the heavenly citizenship, philosophical and juridical discourses of local and universal citizenships, as well as discussions on the altering religious criteria of citizenship and exclusion and alienation.
The dead line of proposals is Feb 14, 2018. For instructions for sending the proposal, please, see the conference homepage.
Further information of our panel.
For inquiries of the panel, please, contact the organisers of the panel:
Maijastina Kahlos, Centre of Excellence “Reason and Religious Recognition”, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, maijastina(dot)kahlos(at)Helsinki(dot)fi ; Ph.D., docent in Latin language and Roman literature.
Joona Salminen, Centre of Excellence “Reason and Religious Recognition”, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, joona(dot)salminen(at)Helsinki(dot)fi ; Th.D.

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