”Spaces – Past and Present”
The XXII Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity takes place on November, 8-9, 2013. The theme of the symposium this year is “Spaces – Past and Present”. This theme includes the analysis of spaces in late antiquity such experience of space; re-use and interpretation of spatial experience; conceptualization of space; imperial presence and border-areas; movement and migration; as well as religious and liturgical place. Please, refer to the programme below.
The symposium will be organized in the premises of a zoological research station operated by the University of Helsinki at a beautiful location at Tvärminne on the southern coast of Finland (http://luoto.tvarminne.helsinki.fi/english). It is organized by Classics (Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki) together with an interdisciplinary organizing committee (see below).
The seminar is free. We will offer transportation from Helsinki to Tvärminne and back, as well as accommodation, meals, coffee and sauna at Tvärminne. However, we are not able to cover the costs for travelling to Helsinki first, or accommodation there. Registration for the conference will start August 20, 2013.
In order to registrate as a participant for the seminar, please send an email to Maijastina Kahlos, maijastina.kahlos(at)helsinki.fi. Upon applying for participation, you are kindly asked to update your contact information and to inform us about food allergies and special diets etc. Please mention also, if you do NOT need the coach transportation from Helsinki.
The organizing committee
Maijastina Kahlos, PhD, Classics / Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki maijastina.kahlos(at)helsinki.fi
Ulla Tervahauta ThD, Biblical Studies, University of Helsinki ulla.tervahauta(at)helsinki.fi
Ville Vuolanto, PhD, History, University of Tampere / University of Oslo ville.vuolanto(at)uta.fi
Friday  8 November
9.00 Departure by coach from Helsinki
c. 11 Arrival and accommodation
11.30 Opening of the Symposium
11.45 Lunch
12.30 Friday session I Spaces and the Sacred
Claudia Rapp: Perceptions and Perspectives on Space in Late Antiquity
Andreas Westergren: Monastic Space: The Ascetic Between Sacred and Civil Spheres in Theodoret of Cyrrhus
David G. Hunter: Sacred Space and the Making of Christian Priesthood
14.15 Coffee
14.35 Saturday session II: Spaces: Public and Private, Civic and Religious
Juliette Day: Late Antique Jerusalem as a liturgical space and the religious imagination
Kaius Tuori, Laura Nissinen and Juhana Heikonen: Public and Private in the Roman House: A new look of what went on in the Roman house.
Short break
Joona Salminen: City of God and the Place of Demons: Early Christian views on city life and demonology
Luigi Prada: From Sacred to Haunted Space: The Survival of Pagan Traditions in Early Christian Egypt and the Oracle of Bes in Abydos

17.00 Sauna/Men
18.30 Sauna/Women
20.00 Dinner

Saturday 9 November
8.00-9.00 Breakfast
9.00 Saturday session I: Spaces and Excavations
Zbigniew Fiema: Reinventing the Tradition: the Appropriation of the Sacred Space at Jabal Haroun
Andrew Poulter: The collapse of the Late Roman economy on the lower Danube c. AD 400 and the settlement of the Goths
Short break
Jürgen Zangenberg: Performing the Sacred in a Community Building. Observations from the 2010-2013 Kinneret Regional Project Excavations in the Byzantine Synagogue of Horvat Kur (Galilee)
Tine Rassalle: A Heavenly place on Earth. The Archaeology of Byzantine Monasteries in Galilee in their Social and Regional Context
11.45 Lunch

12.30 Saturday session II: Spaces and the Past
Christine Shepardson: Building a Past for the Present: Mapping Religious Orthodoxy onto Antioch’s Landscape
Carlos R. Galvao-Sobrinho: Doctrinal Disputes and the Production of Christian Space in Eastern Roman Empire
Short break
Steven D. Smith: The Architectural and Artistic Epigrams of Agathias’ Cycle

14.15 Coffee & Packing
15.00 Departure
c. 17 Arrival in Helsinki

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