Aigeus tunnistaa / tunnustaa Theseuksen pojakseen. Punakuvioinen krater 400-luvulta eaa Apuliasta. Lähde: wikicommons

Next week form Monday to Wednesday, I will attend the conference ”Recognition: its Theory, and Practice”, organised by Heikki J. Koskinen and Ritva Palmén. The conference is one of the conferences organised by our centre of excellence ”Reason and Religious Recognition”. at the University of Helsinki, and is held at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.
The conference will be full of philosophers specialised in the recognition theory (that is, the theory developed especially by the German philosopher Axel Honneth, although the theory of recognition, Anerkennung, has its roots in the German philosophy of Hegel and co.). See the programme here.
My paper is not about theory, but practice – in the past. I will discuss Roman citizenship, what  were the criteria for the recognition as a Roman citizen and how the privileges connected to the citizenship were maintained during the later Roman Empire (200–400 CE).

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